We all have a defining moment in our lives and that is where when we know exactly what we want. This defining moment gives a charge like none other, it can rock your world upside down.


Most of the career are chosen at fault by many people only very few knows what exactly they want and the secret it out


People who we knew admits they were doing something else prior to what exactly they wanted in the life


The large masses of the common people take concrete time to actually put down what exactly they want and work on in it in secret.


  1. You can't keep of your brain from doing something the intrigues you be it required or not at your workplace or otherwise, because you like doing it differently and this makes more sense to you.
  2. You always have an opinion when you are working on a project to make it at its best, you even give advice where you are not required to give or have not been asked for.
  3. There is the power of Idea you have and can't practically get rid of, down the line secretly you do your research and pen it down.
  4. You keep connecting to people from other industry that you feel might come handy when you start developing your own Idea.
  5. Being an Employee you keep irrelevant list of business app for management and tools in your handheld to work on your ideas.
  6. Instead of checking your own industry news you keep tracks on your business idea relevant news.
  7. Rules is word that you have recently strikeout from your dictionary while having worked on your Idea.
  8. You are attending seminars for idea development, Entrepreneur and Startup instead of working on your skills development.
Mehar Bhagat
Mehar Bhagat
Mehar Bhagat is a Corporate Trainer, NLP Practitioner, Leadership & Management Coach and Motivational speaker. Having Human Resource and Training expertise.