Job seeker makes significant job search mistakes and never even realizes what when wrong with their job hunt efforts. Such blunders are easy to make, but they can cost you the job offer which is a big loss for job seeker to afford.


Mistake #1: Not Categorizing your job Industry and factors

As a job seeker you know you job profile and the companies and industries that require similar job profiles, but silliest and deadliest mistake that all job seekers make is that without even ever realizing is that they start with any job portal in general.

It's your job search you should start by ranking portals and online job boards to be specific and without wasting time and efforts.


Make a list of job portals or job boards that serve your profile based opening for companies and industries. 


Consider to include factors as growth potential, location, cultural fit, great co-workers, a pleasing environment and competitive compensation. When the job market is really tough, it’s imperative to be more focused than ever.



Mistake #2: Only relying on online job postings from job portals.

In general, job postings and “want candidate ads” produce little value. but, it is also a mistake to ignore them altogether as they important for finding a relevant job that you aim for. 

I suggest you spend no more than ten percent of your valuable time on specific job boards then on public job postings.


Key to a successful job search is to focus on finding the RIGHT job – not “just any job.”


This Key factor validates your job search in a right direction and makes the job hunt process faster for you. 



Mistake #3: Mailing Unsolicited CV

Worst practice ever to be performed is upload your CV and email it to the list of recruiters, hr's or to the list of consultant's that you have or you are connected to. 

The fact is these unsolicited CV are considered garbage and such emails waste your efforts, recipients kill them, HR managers file them away. I suggest getting rid of this job search tactic completely. 70% of HR professionals put these emails into unwanted or junk folders.


Remember that the emails you send emails are to the busiest people not to machines who sort things automated,


However if you use email as a job search communication tool use it person to person instead of just one bulk email putting everyone on TO, CC or BB list to enquire if they have a similar opening that you are looking for but yet do not send your CV until asked for.



Mistake #4: Ineffective Job Hunt Networking

Professional Job Hunt networking should be the primary focus of every job search occupying about 70% of your time.

Remember there is a fine thin line difference between professional job search networking  and professional networking, so you should be specific who you connect to and build work relationship on online professional networks. 

If one of your connection's company has an opening you are interested in, share your interest in that opening. 


Ask your connections for feedback and guidance but again just do not send your CV until asked for. 



Mistake #5: Skipping Priority information unintentionally   

You plan and coordinate your travels and dinner plan but then at your processional front for your job search things are completely opposite track.

It's odd that the most important factors like job search tracking is out of focus or in fact nowhere in play for majority of job seekers.

I also strongly suggest job seekers instead of just going through every single email sent or received, reverts, references, sms, calls, voice messages in fact any important action or transaction of your job search you should  keep a job tracking tool or an excel file to measure your progress and a system for accountability.


This really keeps you updated and in focus. A tip though, start or put priority items on the top of the list first.

Mehar Bhagat
Mehar Bhagat
Mehar Bhagat is a Corporate Trainer, NLP Practitioner, Leadership & Management Coach and Motivational speaker. Having Human Resource and Training expertise.