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8 Advance Job Search Tips for Getting Hired Fast

Job Search Mistake and more job-search-tips-by-mehar-bhagat

The dynamics of job search have changed everywhere be it email, online portals, walk-ins, social or professional networking. With the HR industry evolving and advancing for a quicker process, time becomes a total limit.

If I am looking for a job or contract, I just pick up my cell phone and reach out to my most trusted connections across my contact list and professional networks like LinkedIn with over 15K in number, but not everyone taps into the great power of such building up networks, so they reach out to job portals.

So if you look for a job and have a job portal or job boards, to begin with, I think the presentation below and the key points in it will help you get through some serious strains in your job hunting. These 8 steps will not only save you time, but if you follow them thoroughly this will also help you stay focused on your job search and find a job timely.


                                Advance Job Search in 8 Steps for Job Portals / Boards from Mehar Bhagat


Taking Charge of Your Job Search:

Well, there is no one who knows your Job Profile better than you, every time you share your CV with your connections or reference, you provide additional information to meet your needs, but with job portals, things get different altogether as you have to do it yourself, so make it count.

Building Job Portal List:

Getting a good job that meets your profile is hard to find, especially when you are doing it wrong. So take time to put a list of shortlisted Job portals and other Job platforms for your job profile type and start adding your CV along with other details including online details of your profile required by that job portal, because just uploading your CV does not make you standout.

The most important factor in this list building is to work on 2 parameters one being to pick job portals have that your niche-based job postings and secondly checking if you have local job portals that provide better job listings in your area.

You might also want to check out my comprehensive list of job portals in various Industries.

Rate the Job Portals in Priority:

Once done with taking charge, building the list, and updating your online CV, give it a break and wait for 4 days. After the waiting period is overlooked at the quality of job offers you receive because it’s time to rate it for its job results, quality & relevancy.


Prioritize Your Time in Job Search:

Once you rank your job portal list for its niche and performance, to begin with, your Job search and job offers you receive, you would not want to waste your time on less efficient platforms. This is a time when your list should not have more than 5 job portal names.


Setting Timelines in Job Hunting:

Set your ranked list timeline for the amount of time you will invest in your sorted list, Follow 20 – 15 – 15 – 5 – 5 rule, which means you spend 20 minutes on the top job portal followed by 5 minutes on the last job portal on your list.


Updating Checklist:

Most job seekers forget to keep a log of the activity they do in their job search in job portals. Maintain it by adding a check column to your list to track your updated details on all platforms. Remember every detail counts plus this helps you keep yourself updated.


Using Keywords Wisely and Properly:

Dumping your CV online and stuffing your online profile with irreverent details does not help recruiters find you, so keep in mind and take a moment to shortlist your job profile keywords carefully and the right keywords in your CV & online profile on these portals will help recruiters from consultants and companies find you easily. you can also check my in-depth article on resume writing and more details can be found for adding relevant keywords to your CV


Search & Apply:

Waiting for recruiters to find your CV is never enough, so this is where you follow 20 – 15 – 15 – 5 – 5 rule to get the maximum benefit of job portals. Now that is set with uploading CV, the right keywords, and a good description, take Action, Search, and Apply for available Jobs.


Job Portals do have an amazing power to get your CV noticed but only if you do it right, read more tips on how to get your CV noticed in job portals and you can also more in-depth on Advanced Job Search Strategies: that can maximize Job Search Efficiency


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