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6 Steps to Get your Resume noticed in Job Portals

get-your-resume-noticed-in-job-portals - Mehar Bhagat

Getting your resume noticed is one the first step towards successful employment and when you just upload your CV into job portals it will most likely not give you the expected response. A good job portal gets sourced with more than tens of thousands of requests for new and updated resumes regularly, so standing out in this crowd becomes a priority.

Getting into a job portal is one thing, but getting your resume/CV noticed is totally another. No matter what good work experience, skills, and education you may carry, however, if you are not doing your job search right or not feeding the job search right information, it’s no good to you and your efforts go wasted.

One of the things in your resume before uploading it to any job portal is to update it, if you do not feed your job profile correctly to an online job portal profile with updated information, job portals will never show you relevant openings matching your skills.


Here are a few suggestions that can help you get your resume noticed in job portals.

First things First, Job Portals have an amazing power to get your resume noticed, but only if you do it right. Read more about tips to advance Job Search on Job portals.


Basic Resume Details:

No matter how good your skills or the number of years of experience you may have, if your basic details like contact number, address, email, qualifications, and work experiences are incorrect or misspelled or not updated you will probably land up saying a good job opening a goodbye.

Keep your resume short bio to the point where you inform well on your skills and achievements, crisp to the point, accurate, and always updated.


Manually Feed Job Portals You Resume:

Even if your CV holds all the information about you and your career profile, manually feed the job portal your all information accurately to its designated categories. Almost all job portals require a set of information like location, salary range, job category, sub-job category, positions, industries, and so on.


Avoid Skip Button on Job Portals:

You always can do it later, but you will most likely not do it or unintentionally skip important details, Do not be a lazy job seeker it’s never a good idea to skip on these! If in case you can’t give a decent amount of time while sign-up, then always sign-up later instead of using skips on the job portals.

Job portals have an extensive questionnaire when you sign-ups, which is always good for you. Remember these are parts of adding relevant keywords in your resume to job portals to identify you, and that you must make time for.


Add Keywords From Your Resume:

Add appropriate and relevant keywords to your CV and to your online profile in job portals, but just do not overdo it. Before you start adding keywords do a bit of research on job postings of your interest, find quality and more often used keywords and use them in your CV as well as in your online job profile.


Using Acronyms in Resume:

In cases where there are acronyms for your job profile type, make a way to use both acronyms in your CV. For example, use both “IT” and “Information Technology”, remember it’s always the keywords that matter to job portals.

To put it simply put, it’s always the search strings at the back-end on job portals that gives and addresses the job posting you are looking for as per your keywords to drop in their systems.


Drafting Cover Letter for Your Online Resume: 

Majorly job portal supports and lets you add a cover letter option, make wise use of it. Give a crisp edge and to the point, adding the most valuable info on your Resume.

Recruiters are usually time bonded and if you want them to look seriously into your resume give them good reasons to do so, brag about your skills, work experience, the knowledge that you have, recent or relevant pieces of training or courses you might have recently done and why you are a better fit for this job.

Avoid sending the same cover letter to all the recruiters for different roles, remember one shoe doesn’t fit all.


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