When the top brats in a company goes on  pushing an individual division over group decision without a thought strategy, so technically ends up being called as 'A camel, a horse designed by committee when nothing falls in a place'. However this does not pose as a camel leadership.

This does not mean Leader's are camels or visa versa, but camel's have some amazing traits that we should learn from and I would say its best said as Camel Leadership


Camel Leadership and Traits 


Store and be Resourceful: 

As a Leader you should be resourceful as camels are, camels can go days without basic necessities like food and water. People you lead may need you and your recourses at any given time, Its imperative as a leader to have all your resources in place, over as leader you should be consistent and disciplined for yourself and for the people you lead. Camels have this storing capacity and camel itself, the people who lives the camel or who knows and has read an about the camel knows it well, apply this trick for storing you recourses.  


Beat the Heat and Pressure: 

Camels are made for hot areas for which they can survive well then any other animals, they have a hump which saves the energy and shrinks when energy is consumed, their body is designed to absorb water from humid air. So is the purpose of a leader to be calm when everything around a leader is heating up, so to take down the heat and pressure and deliver the best possible and create opportunities. Leader are experienced with the challenges faced over the period of time and knows well how to handle team issues and organizational challenges for best productivity and remain focused in pressure at all time. Leader needs to consume best of the resource in such time to deliver right guidance and motivate team in right directions.


Measure up and Relax:

One the interesting feature about camel is the long legs, extremely good eye sight with a third eye to see things side ways and long double layered lashes to keep the dust off, would you not agree if I say these should be traits of a good leader? To look beyond what others do not see and to measure all possible solutions. As a leader you must create opportunities and should be able to get a different perspective. you should see your destination more clearly to stay focused and at the same time contaminates obstacles and challenges. As a leader it's important to be proactively and keep your sight on the future and the vision of your desired future. 


Serve and Lead:

Camels are Domestic animals but only few know if they are abused to a certain limit they backfire none the less they serve others despite of all hurdles in such harsh environment. Similarly leaders understands the circumstances and if they find any undeliverable in a challenge they inform obstacles pre hand. Leaders priority is to serve others with the knowledge and experience they possess. Leader knows the extreme and share such vital information in a very discreet manner and does heat & bring the such pressures on the people who are being lead. To lead to is serve one without expecting anything in return.


“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail. – Ralph Waldo Emerson”


I found this metaphor for leadership amazing and thoughts its worth sharing, would love to hear your feedbacks in comments. 

Mehar Bhagat
Mehar Bhagat
Mehar Bhagat is a Corporate Trainer, NLP Practitioner, Leadership & Management Coach and Motivational speaker. Having Human Resource and Training expertise.